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Higher Your Vibrations & Create Your Own Reality...

Hi my name is Melaina Evans. I am a lightworker, natural healer and spiritual advisor. I give inspirational talks and host group discussions regarding spiritual awakening, ascension symptoms and how to tune into the magic of the universe and how to make it work for you. I also hold well-being/healing retreats in Portugal. These retreats will higher your vibrations and help you release negative emotions and energies. Many of us are experiencing awakening symptoms on a daily basis without having any guidance or knowledge on how to deal with them properly.


Past trauma and negative emotions are the cause of many illnesses. I use my highly intuitive gifts to find the root cause of your blocked emotional energy that has been holding you back for many years. I channel the powers of the divine and work with angelic guidance to help you to release these blocks.

I can travel worldwide to host workshops and retreats, my aim is to higher the vibrations of this beautiful planet.

Majority of us are stuck in fear and living unhappy lives. My aim is to help you understand what spiritual awakening is all about, how to go through the process smoothly by giving you the appropriate tools and to help you break through your fears so you can live your best life by finding your true-self. I also do cacao rituals at workshops and on my retreats. Cacao is extremely positive as it helps you gain higher vibrations which then used with intention and vision can really help you change and create a new you and a new positive life style.